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Eyelet Insertion Machines

Simplicity, ruggedness, prime quality, and unsurpassed craftsmanship have been combined to give you the ultimate in an eyeleting machine. The reliability of this machine to continuously deliver eyelets to the anvil with accuracy and consistent uniformity of setting pressure will become apparent as you read about its features.

Eyelet Capacity
Raceway feeds eyelets with .045" diameter barrel up to eyelets with a 5/8" flange diameter
Stroke of Ram
2-1/2" (3" available)
Standard 1" x 1" gibbed front side for maximum rigidity and accuracy Choice of 5/16" or 1/2" diameter hole for mounting tools
2" and 3" wide Rams available for multiple eyeleting
Adjustable with separate fine adjustment for set die
Special horns available to suit your requirements
Throat Depth
6" from center to Die to Frame
Open Height Between Raceway and Set Die
Flywheel Speed
200 R.P.M. with "V" Belt Drive
Flywheel Weight
30 lbs.
Electric Solenoid Operated "Wrap Spring" with "One Shot" for Non-Repeat
Clutch Trip Mechanism
Electric (Foot Switch or Double Palm Buttons)
Grease and Oil
12" width, 30" depth, and 27" height
220 lbs.
1/4 H.P., 115/230 Volt, 60 Cycle A.C., Single Phase
(3 phase motor available)
Vista Eye Rest Green

The rugged "I" beam type construction with a firmly supported horn coupled with an extra heavy flywheel rotating at 200 R.P.M. give the machine the capability of setting small eyelets as well as large grommets with ease and uniformity.

RAM AND HOUSING  The standard 1" square ram gibbed front and side will maintain the repeated accuracy that is required for printed circuit eyelets as well as for pre-punch tooling. This small but adequate ram eliminates excessive "Housing Over-Hang," thus insuring the machine operator proper visibility of the working area

*Optional 2" and 3" wide rams and housings are available for multiple eyeleting.*

CLUTCH  Electric Solenoid Operated "Wrap Spring" with "One Shot" input device for instant transmission of power with the assurance that the machine will not double cycle.

*Clutch can be equipped to provide two (2) stop positions within the 360 degree revolution of the crank shaft.*

RACEWAY  The exclusive CONTINUOUS CURVE RACEWAY for trouble free feeding of eyelets means no objectionable sharp bends to jam eyelets. The frame is cast of high tensile aluminum with the raceway bed and rails made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, highly polished for frictionless feeding of the smallest eyelets. All raceways are interchangeable on AF-500 MACHINES.

*Multiple raceways are available for multiple eyeleting*


Made of hardened steel and fully adjustable to obtain precise timing between raceway and ram for the smallest eyelet (.045" barrel diameter) to the largest eyelet (.625" flange diameter).

TOOLING  There is a choice of Rams and Tool Holders for either 5/16 or 1/2 diameter shank tools. (See our tool catalog for "Standard Eyelet Setting Tools.")

LIMITED TRAVEL SPINDLE attachment for protection against set die breakage is offered as an optional device and is normally employed when using eyelets with barrel diameters of .045"-.089".